We aim to provide a curated selection of book reviews in hopes to become a voice our readers trust. We won’t necessarily avoid reviewing books from the New York Times’ best sellers list, but we hope to go beyond the mainstream and bring you great suggestions for your next read.

We want you to feel as if a friend whose taste in books you trust, is telling you about a book they recently read. These aren’t exactly the books you will see everyone on the train reading, but you might spot them here and there or recognize the title. We will review fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, comics, and graphic novels. We want our reviews to be relatable and feel like a conversation.

Note from Katie Holland, website admin: This website was inspired in part by the Reed’s Local Book Club in Chicago, which I joined in 2015. I love getting recommendations from other members and the variety of books read and discussed. Plus we meet at a neighborhood bar, Reed’s Local. You can’t beat books and booze and friends